Some of the People Involved with Saanich Peninsula Cohousing...

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Tracy Mills, Pre-Equity Member

I’ve lived on the Saanich Peninsula since 1992: worked, married, and raised a family here. I’ve explored many of the trails, enjoyed sunsets and fireworks, and splashed around on the water with family and friends. This is a special place and I feel lucky to call it home.

Creativity, active living, and connection with my community are important to me, so when I discovered cohousing, it made complete sense. Privacy when you want it, connection when you need it. Live lighter on the earth, share resources, develop a vision with a group of people, learn skills to work together effectively, work with professionals, secure a site, participate in the design and development, then move in to your own creation, and already know your neighbours. It’s teamwork of the highest form.

“Could it work here? Why not?” In early 2016 I organized a community talk at the Fairground and over 50 people showed up to hear Margaret Critchlow introduce “Cohousing on the Saanich Peninsula” - the project was launched. We visited other cohousing communities, held information sessions and meetings, took walks and workshops. People stepped up and stepped back, as is the way in cohousing. The project moves forward, like a river, because of the time and energy it is given by all. Want to grab a paddle?
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Barb Whittington, Pre-Equity Member

Picture West Saanich Road, 4 acres, 3 raised up sons, faithful pooch Oreo, camas, Garry oaks, and more. I feel at home on the Saanich Peninsula with the 3 small town centres, my indigenous neighbouring communities and all the land to roam. I also love that we are so close to Victoria, to health care, universities and nightlife, not in that order. I thank the Coast Salish people and would like to be a better neighbour.

While I am still associated with the University of Victoria where social justice and social issues were my passions, I am putting more energy back into my Saanich Peninsula community now especially in the area of restorative justice and cohousing.

How does cohousing fit with all this? I am interested in both the idea of cohousing and the realities of creating a more vibrant, environmentally responsible community, with different ages and different interests. Having seen other communities in BC do this, thought, like Tracy did “Why not?” and “Why not here?” Many people are interested in the idea of cohousing but you also need to be interested in joining together to make it happen. I know that a group of committed compassionate people will make this idea a reality. I have a 2020 vision. For that I am more than ready to move forward to cohousing.
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Pre-Equity Members
Tracy & Richard, Barb, Fiona and Mark,
Griff & Pat, Nancy & Terence, Darlene, Margaret, Zeporah, Stephanie, Kathy and David, Karen & Laura

Associate Members
Zosia & Kathy