Saanich Peninsula Cohousing is now….
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We’re delighted to announce our new name for our cohousing initiative on the Saanich Peninsula! Ravens are industrious, smart birds you find all around the Peninsula. In Coast Salish stories they are portrayed as both clever and mischievous - and we liked that! Visit us at our new WEBSITE
At this stage of the project, only those who have completed the “Is Cohousing for You?” workshop may be considered for Associate Membership if they meet the other current criteria and if member resources are available. An information session is offered in conjunction with each workshop. Please plan to attend a workshop and information session if you are interested in becoming an Associate Member. Check our EVENTBRITE page for upcoming events.

Is Cohousing For You? March 17-18 2018 in Sooke

Workshop participants are invited to attend an information session on the Ravens Crossing Cohousing project during Saturday’s lunch hour of the workshop weekend.

Sustainable and Connected on the Saanich Peninsula

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Would you like to live in a vibrant multi-age community in one of the town centres on the Saanich Peninsula?

Saanich Peninsula Cohousing is a diverse group of independent households, enthusiastically looking forward to developing our own multi-generational cohousing community in Brentwood Bay, Saanichton or Sidney.

With the expert help of
Cohousing Development Consulting, we are in the midst of reaching out to our community and introducing the idea of cohousing through information sessions, upcoming workshops and inviting those interested to learn even more through associate membership.

Using many of the same experts who successfully guided the development of Harbourside Cohousing in Sooke, we hope to be ready to move into our community of 25-30 new homes by 2020.

Curious? Find out more in our
Want to
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Future Saanich Peninsula Cohousing homeowners are developing a strata-titled community with a difference!

New members are invited to participate as we work alongside professionals to design and develop our future homes. We envision a community primarily of compact, creatively-designed bright apartments with extensive common facilities to augment our private dwellings and support us to have more connection with our neighbours.

We want to locate in Brentwood Bay, Saanichton or Sidney, within a ten-minute walk of the amenities and green spaces we need to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We welcome introverts and extroverts in all ages and stages of life who value privacy and connection within a simpler, healthier, and more energy-efficient environment.